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Adventure Gold Crypto: Review, How To Buy, Price, Founder & Much More

 Are you lokking to know about Adventure Gold Crypto ( AGC )? Do you want to know is AGC real or fake? Do you want to know the price of AGC? Do you want to who is behind AGC? 

Then this blog post on ( AGC ) Adventure Gold Crypto: Review is for you. In this blog post you will get answers of all the above questions. Keep Reading! Keep Visiting! 

The cryptocurrency industry offers many different options, each with their own pros and cons. Adventure Gold Crypto (AGC) stands out as one of the newest options available, providing several benefits over other options on the market. 

This article explores what AGC is, what it does, and how to buy AGC tokens and start trading on the exchange platform.

Why Only 4.2 Billion Tokens?

We want to give our early supporters a chance to get involved with AdventureGold before any kind of meaningful increase in price.

 The supply of tokens has been capped at 4.2 billion, as we’re aiming for a very specific number of tokens for our community, and further hoarding would be detrimental to all.

 Ultimately, we want to give those who are interested an opportunity to get involved early on in the game and help us shape it from inception. It’s going to be far more fun (and profitable) that way!

Who’s Behind AGC?

The founder of AGC is a man by the name of Rick Corbett. Rick has been involved in cryptocurrency for several years now and was a part of another promising crypto-currency called AeriumX. He’s also had a background in business finance, having worked as an accountant before he began to focus on cryptocurrencies full time.

Who Else Can Profit From AGC?

It’s easy to see how anyone interested in crypto or games could benefit from AGC. Gamers, for example, could enjoy a way to play and pay for their game of choice without having to go through any hassle.

 For game developers, it would be an easy way to attract new players. Investors and traders can also take advantage of its unique features by using AGC tokens as a tool for speculation or hedging against large losses. 

Anyone who wants more bang for their buck while playing will find it with AGC. Ultimately, there are lots of ways you can take advantage of AGC in order to make money on your investments and enjoy gaming at no extra cost!

What Are The Advantages Of Tokenizing Gold In Blockchain Technology (And How)?

It is easier to transact or store value in cryptocurrencies, especially given that gold is usually stored in a centralized location which makes it hard to buy and sell.

 There are no intermediaries when transacting on blockchain platforms. When you make transactions using cryptocurrencies, you can do so without having to worry about identity theft or getting ripped off since it is decentralised; there is no one single intermediary like a bank making decisions regarding your money.

 The platform on which blockchain technology rests allows for more transparency; when everything from supply chain tracking to banking records are recorded on open ledger systems, you know where your money goes. Since everything happens online and over peer-to-peer networks, you don’t have to worry about cash transactions being monitored by authorities.

How Will This Benefit The World And Myself In Particular?

There is a lot of talk about how cryptocurrency will change our world. With a market cap at $350 Billion and growing, there are over 1,300 different types of cryptocurrency. 

Why only invest in one currency when you can diversify your portfolio and make money from many different areas of business that accept crypto as payment for goods and services. 

When you start seeing articles talking about how it is becoming more mainstream with businesses such as Microsoft, Tesla, Whole Foods, Victoria Secret’s etc. starting to accept payment in Cryptocurrency for their goods or services. You will begin to realize that owning some Crypto may not be such a bad idea after all…

Has The Pre-Sale Been Successful So Far?

Yes, we have achieved our goal of raising 10,000 ETH in just 2 weeks and are continuing to raise funds for more bounties, development, marketing and operations. 

We believe we can achieve 1,000 ETH for development alone. But be warned: there’s only a short time left before we start locking up tokens for bounties and those who missed out on our ICO.

Does AdventureGoldCrypto Have Any Competition Or An Alternative Product At The Moment?

Yes, there are numerous products and services you can use to make money from home. However, according to a 2017 Forbes Magazine survey, 55% of American workers now consider themselves freelancers who work independently for multiple employers. 

This new market for remote jobs is expected to reach 53 million people by 2020 with revenues topping $1 trillion in just four years! That sounds like a gold rush opportunity if you ask me. Plus, these online jobs are perfect if you want more flexibility in your career as you get older.

 Just because retirement is coming doesn’t mean that it has to come soon—you might not need your full 401K payout yet if you have an online job income stream to supplement your savings!

When Can We Start Contributing To The ICO?, and some FAQs…

When can we start contributing to Adventure Gold’s ICO? — The token sale begins on November 24th. We’ll have all of our KYC, legal and technical documents completed and ready for everyone who wants to contribute before that date. 

As soon as you complete your whitelist application, you’ll be given a link where you can start purchasing AGCs. AGCs purchased during our main sale will cost 1 ETH for 500 AGCs, so if you send 1000 ETH in one transaction (don’t do that!) you’ll receive 5 million AGCs! All purchases are recorded on a blockchain so there is no way to circumvent these limits and affect our ability to build it in a transparent way.



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