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[ Scam ]Genuine Review Of Bric Trade App – 2022

Genuine Review Of Bric Trade App: In this blog post we are going to review the BRIC trade application. So if you want a genuine review of the BRIC trade then this post is for you.


Nowadays there is the hype of trading  Cryptocurrency, Trading currencies, and commodities like gold, silver, etc


It is not bad to trade! But you should not start trading if you don’t know. You can generate good reviews with the help of trading.



There are many brokers in the market to trade Cryptocurrency, forex, etc In this blog post we are going to review one of the trading platforms that are Bric trade. So let’s dive into deep.





Why Trading is Important?

It is very important to build multiple income sources in 2021. There are multiple ways of building multiple income sources like renting, investing and trading, etc
Renting, starting a business are physical assets. You can also build your digital assets like trading, investing in companies like apple, google, etc,
Digital assets like trading, investing are very important as well as beneficial because:
  • You can trade from the low price in trading.
  • You can get good returns.
  • It is a faster way to make money.
By seeing the g above benefits, everyone should start trading. We should change with time and adapt latest changes. If we tool proper education and start trading it is a very good field to make money.


How to start trading?

You can start trading with the help of popular trading platforms like grow, Ix global, Octa fx, Bric trade, etc
If you want to learn in deep and make trading a profession then you should use the ix global platform.
In Ix global platform you will get basic to advanced knowledge of forex trading, crypto trading, etc. The Interesting thing about Ix global is you can start guaranteed earning with learning.
In Ix global platform you will get premium alerts until you learn how to trade. So that you can start earning from day one.
If you want to start trading with a low amount you can go with brick trade. Now let’s see more information about the BRIC trade.


What Is Bric Trade?

Bric trade is the latest trading platform in the market where you can start trading in just 20rs. In BRIC trade, you can start trading different types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etherium, and commodities like gold and silver.
It is a binary trading platform in which you have to predict the graph ( up or down ) for the next one minute. If the prediction is right you are in profit and if the prediction is wrong you are at a loss.
With the help of the BRIC trade, you can make money within one minute if the prediction is right. You do not need any deep knowledge of trading just you should a little bit about technical analysis.
You can predict the graph by seeing the previews graph condition of last one minute. Once you have ordered or placed an order you cannot delete your order for one minute. So if you want to start trading it can be the best trading app for you.
If you have confusion in this app you can start your trial. In this free trial, you will get 10,000 RS without any sign-up. You can practice Bric Trade with the demo amount and decide whether you have to proceed or not?


How to download Bric Trade?

You can download Bric Trade from the play store. After downloading the application you can sign-up and start your trading.


How To Use Bric Trade?

It is very easy to use the Bric Trade application. After downloading the application from the Play Store open the application. Bric trade is divided into 5 sections they are as follows:
  1. About: Information about Bric trade.
  2. Help: If you want any help or any issue you can go to this section.
  3. Trade: You can trade in this section.
  4. Deals: All your trades from starting.
  5. Me: About your account ( deposit, name, etc )
Everyone with 0 knowledge of trading can use this application. If you want to try this app you can download it from Play Store and practice on a demo account. For practicing just go to the trade section. And choose assets as shown in the following image:
How to use Bric trade


After choosing your asses you have to just predict the graph and start trading. 


Features  Of Bric Trade?

Bric trade is a beginner-friendly trading platform. Here you can start trading from 20₹. You do not need deep knowledge of trading.
You can earn profit within 2 minutes with the help of Bric trade. You can also trade different Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, etherium, etc
You will also get a demo account for practice. More features are listed in pros👇



Pros and cons Bric Trade?

Pros of Bric trade:
  • You can earn money per Trade.
  • You can trade in Cryptocurrency, goods, silver, etc
  • Minimum 20rs per trade.
  • No time limit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • Demo account for practice.
  • Good for Indian traders. ( Withdraw with Paytm, UPI )
  • 70% profit per trade.
Cons Of Bric trade:
  • 50% risk of losing.
  • We cannot decide the time limit.
  • We cannot cancel trade when the Oder is placed.
  • No variety in charts.
  • We cannot invest for a long time.
  • No affiliate program.



Should I Use Bric Trade?

Now it’s is very important to answer this question. If you want to use Bric Trade you should know about one thing. And that there is a 50% risk of losing your money on a wrong prediction so keep your trading price low per Trade.

You will receive 70% of the amount + trading amount on successful prediction. Now it’s your choice whether you have to use it or not. If you want to know more here are is a video on BRIC trade real or fake?

Conclusion Bric Trade?

At last, I want to say that Bric Trade is one of the best platforms for trading. You can start trading with Bric Trade. If you like this blog post you can share this with your friends who want to know about this application or start trading.
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