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What Is IX Global | Ix Global Review | Ix Global Real Or Fake | Ix Global India

Do you want to know how to learn forex from Ix global as well as earn from it? Do you want to see Is Ix global real or fake? Do you want to see is Ix global scam? So this article is for you.

In Short Ix Global is not a scam it is one of the best learning as well as earning platform which provides forex alerts and trading knowledge.

In Hindi: Ix Global कोई घोटाला नहीं है, यह सबसे अच्छा सीखने के साथ-साथ कमाई करने वाला प्लेटफॉर्म है जो फॉरेक्स अलर्ट और ट्रेडिंग ज्ञान प्रदान करता है।

Hello, friends welcome to coinseen. In this post, we are going to discuss information about Ix global and answer some questions.
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What Is ix global?

Ix global is a company in the USA Founded by Joseph Martinez. Joseph Martinez is an expert in forex trading and has good experience in forex.
Ix global is not a broker, it is the environment to learn and earn.
You can learn personal developement, leadership, mindset, consciousness, from ix global.
Ix global do not focus on the degree it focuses on increase your knowledge.
Vision of Ix global is  innovate, inspire and impact. In short Ix global is all about self development skills like leadership, personal development And finacial skills like learning forex trading, marketing, etc
If you want to earn money from early age you can join Ix global. Also if you are intrested in trading you can learn forex trading statergies by seeing video lectures that are available in Ix global app.

Why you should Join Ix Global?

There are 4 ways of welath creaton. That are Employee, self employed, investing, Busness creator ( business owners ).
 Most popular way to creat wealth in india is jobs that means employee.
It is not bad to work. But There are varies of cons, disadvantages of jobs. Some problems are time, money, etc
You can join Ix global with your job and save money as well as learn different skills like self developement, trading, etc



Different ways of earning from Ix global/ How to earn from Ix global?

There are total three ways of earning from ix global:
  1. Fores Trading / Trading.
  2. Referring.
  3. Automation Account.

How to earn from forex Trading from Ix Global?

Any type of trading takes time to become master. You can not be expert in forex in one day. So how can you earn from day 1 from forex trading?
As i mentioned above that it takes time to be expert in forex trading. But with the help of ix global you can start earning from day 1.
After taking addmission in Ix global you can join the telegram group of Ix global. Just you have to copy and paste elerts given on telegram channel. In this way you can earn from day 1 without practising forex.

How to earn from Ix Global By referring / Ix global referal prograam.

Ix global is not only limitef to forex trading. You can also earn by refering to your friends. There are 3 stages in Ix global refral program:
  • VIP 100
  • VIP 500
  • VIP 1000
In VIP 100 you have to reffer 3 friends. After refering your 3 friends you are eligibal for VIP 100.
You can earn 145 USD After VIP 100.
In VIP 500 you have to reffer 12 friends. After refering your 12 friends you are eligibal for VIP 500.
You can earn 450 USD After VIP 500.
In VIP 1000 you have to reffer 12 friends. After refering your 12 friends you are eligibal for VIP 1000.
You can earn 900 USD After VIP 1000.
Here is All informatin about VIP stages given in tabular format.
VIP Refral Income
VIP 100 4 100
VIP 500 12 450
VIP 1000 40 900
VIP 2000 120 2000
VIP 4000 250 4000
VIP 8000 500 8000

How to earn from Automation Account from Ix Global?

It is very popular way of earning from Ix global. Just you have to deposit your money in your automation account.
Ater deposit automation bot of IX global will work for you.
These are three different ways of earning from Ix global. If you want to start forex trading then you can visit our blog post on how to start forex trading.

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How To Start Forex Trading With Ix Global.?

It is very easy to start forex trading in India. You need small investment and some details like pan card, email address, etc
To know more about how to start forex trading in India you can visit our post on how to start forex trading in India. Or contact Us Via contact Number.

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Is Ix Global Scam? , Ix Global Real Or Fake?

No! Ix Global is not scam. Forex trading is legal In India. My friend have team of more than 100 members that are earning from ix global.
If you want to cross check you can watch following video:



I hope that you understand about what is ix global? How to start ix global?, Ix Ix global scam? If you like this article then you can share this with your friends and family members who want to learn forex trading?
Is Ix Global Scam?
Ans: No ix global is not scam.
Can I learn Crypto Trading in Ix Global?
Ans: You can learn Cryptotrading in aid Global.



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